Having your Value Proposition Align with your Personal Values

I have dabbled in a number of businesses over the last few years.  My initial interest in many businesses is a strong and competitive value proposition as well as an elegant business model. I have learned over time that I can only stand behind and sell a business that aligns completely with my core values.  […]

Be Mindful of Who you are Selling to and Their Motivation

As a sales person, it is easy to get into the mindset that if you demonstrate that your solution is better in a straightforward, concise and analytical/logical manner, you will get the sale.  In reality this is often not the case. Humans are funny creatures.  We all have different motivations and are influenced by different […]

REB 012: Johann Moonesinghe and Equity Eats

Johann Moonesinghe is the CEO of EquityEats, a crowdfunding platform for restaurants.  Johann and his partners opened EquityEats in 2014.  They currently have four investments on the site and will be opening a pop-up space to showcase chefs and restaurants in Washington D.C.  The founders believe the food and beverage service industry is perfectly positioned […]

Business Mistakes: Who Are You Interacting With on A Daily Basis?

When analyzing a business people often think about the business itself.  They consider the business model, the product or service, the sales proposition, and the competitive advantage.  What many might not dig into when they think about a new business is with whom they will be interacting on the day-to-day operations.  I say this because […]

The Importance of True Confidence

Confidence is important for everything we do in life.  If you are in sales, exhibiting confidence is vital to instill confidence in those you are prospecting.  In athletics, if you do not believe you are the best you will never be a winner.  In business, you have to believe in your business and yourself otherwise […]

Beating Procrastination

I always struggle with being more productive, as all business owners do.  Anyone who is non-salaried understands that their earning power ultimately comes down to what they can produce and we all know that we could be producing more.  Whether that is making more calls, writing more blog posts, or mentoring employees. For whatever reason […]

Wednesday Dump: Links from the Web

Week of 12/10/2014- 12/17/14  Amazon Amazon to further piss off third-party vendors with new “make-an-offer” feature (Reuters) The FAA rejected Amazon’s request for an Exemption permit for delivery drones (Daily News).  So I guess the next best thing is next-day delivery by bicycle? (Yahoo Finance) Also, Google is so mad at Amazon that they have pulled […]

The Universal Tenets of Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is a genius investor.  An analysis on Warren often ends with this conclusion.  However, most individuals not focused on security investment (employees, businesspersons, even real estate investors) will often disregard Mr. Buffett’s teachings. I believe this is a mistake.  Warren Buffett has been successful because he follows very basic principles that apply to […]

Crowd Funding the Future

Crowd Funding is a very interesting topic for me.  This new conduit for allocating capital is going to have dramatic effects on the financial industry moving forward.  Tucker Max does a great long piece discussing crowd-funding touching on his experiences and it’s potential.  I would like to emphasize a few components of crowd funding along […]

Actually Giving Thanks

I find it a bit ironic that Thanksgiving is followed with one of the largest consumer days of the year.  Looking at people stand in line at Best Buy while driving by them on my way to a thanksgiving dinner made me want to barf all over them. Acknowledging that, I love what products and […]