Are You Acquiring Real Knowledge or Just Made up Stuff?

I met with a close friend of mine recently. He is a lawyer who got a good job out of law school working for a private firm that deals in securities law. He is happy in his work; he feels challenged and makes decent money. He also feels like there is a lot of room […]

Ignoring Politics and Maintaining a Positive Outlook

In the wake of the recent U.S. elections, I reflect on how much my perspective has changed in recent years.  A few years ago I looked at the political process as the key to make the world a better place.  I spent untold hours thinking on how certain changes could bring wealth and prosperity to […]

Eight Keys to Motivation

For me every day is a constant struggle to do better and move toward achieving my goals.  Like every skill, motivation and the ability to produce consistently requires constant vigilance.  It is a muscle that if left unused will atrophy.  I am speaking to intrinsic motivation, the ability to motivate yourself without any external forces.  […]

You Should be Doing Business with a Community Bank

As a private lender I run into a lot of people who are fed up with banks in general or have been screwed over by their bank and need an alternative option.  I have found that most problems, specifically those centered on a lack of understanding, stem from large national banks.  These banks are too […]

Introspection and Finding Your Path

Being in business for yourself is difficult if you don’t know what you want.  There is no time to “find yourself” when you become an entrepreneur and if you try, you will fail. Don’t take this is as reason to delay. The sooner you get started trying different things, the sooner you will figure it […]

Competitive Industries and Opportunity: A Case Study

In learning about different industries people often say, “Our industry is highly competitive”.  For me, competitive does not mean barriers to entry or having lots of incumbents.  The number does not matter and barriers to entry actually make it less competitive.  Competitive means the people operating in the industry are really good, which follows that […]

Businesses are People

It is very easy to lose sight of reality when you are talking about dealing with large companies or government agencies.  These entities are just people and the culture that these people perpetuate. I was listening to the Value Investing Podcast and one of their recent interviews was with Geoff Gannon.  He made a great point […]

The Right Mentality in Sales

I have always struggled with sales, selling is hard.  When selling you may feel like you are asking for a handout. It is easy to fall into this mentality, however this is wrong. You have to remember and know that you are trying to help your client and that doing business with you is in […]

Uncelebrated Successes

People are often looking for that great success, the large sale, the big product launch, the press release met with massive publicity. This should not be your focus.  Big successes, if they come are great, but the focus needs to be on small, uncelebrated successes and improvements every single day. It is easy to lose […]

What Private Lenders Want to See

Private lenders are all different.  Banks in comparison tend to conform to more ubiquitous lending criteria. When you are dealing with private moneylenders it more often depends on what kind of businesses or technology they are interested in/understand, what kind of returns they want and how much downside protection plus upside participation they require. The […]