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The Catch 22 of Great Men

I recently read an article which mentions the following quote: In 1923, nine of the most successful U.S. businessmen met in Chicago. Josh Brown writes: Within 25 years, all of these great men had met a horrific end to their careers or their lives: The president of the largest steel company, Charles Schwab, died a […]

The Balance Between Focus and Diversification

I constantly struggle with focus regarding my businesses.  I am already working on quite a few businesses and looking at numerous other deals that divert my focus.  With that being said I don’t necessarily think having a diverted focus is a bad thing, it comes down to balance in most cases and there are always […]

Wednesday Dump: Links from the Web


The Virtual “Mom & Pop”

I drove through a rural part of Maryland earlier this week.  The section of town was undergoing a lot of new development in response to a nearby growing military base.  I like to see new architecture but I started thinking about something else. Every new real estate development I see is filled with corporate and […]

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Wednesday Dump: Links from the Web


Wednesday Dump: Links from the Web


Is a transparent Reputation Based Economy the Future?

Many of us take credit rating agencies and FICO scoring systems for granted.   In essence these are just tools for people starting new relationships to try and predict future actions based on past behavior.   I feel we are just starting to take advantage of the potential benefits that the Internet can provide us in this […]

Wednesday Dump: Links from the Web