Just-in-Time Education

I recently watched an Interview with Brian Clark in which he mentioned the idea of “Just-in-Time Education”.  This is the idea of learning a skill when work or life calls for it, and this is possible because of the Internet. This concept is a revelation to me.  It pretty much sums up everything I have […]

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The Age of Makers

I have dug into the beginnings of Apple learning about Jobs and Wozniak and how they got their start.  It is great listening to both of them in interviews.  You get very different perspectives about the same events.  One very interesting point was Wozniak’s description of these homebrew computer clubs he used to attend.  If […]

Wednesday Dump: Links from the Web


Wednesday Dump: Links from the Web


Taking Advantage of Available Tools: Onboarding a new employee for $3

It is important to think and be grateful for what we have in life and the opportunities that are available to us.  I like to spend time every day looking and wondering at all the little things that we all take for granted which took millions of minds building and iterating over years and years […]

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Wednesday Dump: Links from the Web


Partnering with the Right People

One of the most difficult aspects of business is finding good partners for your business.  One of the struggles is finding people who are smart, ambitious, and hardworking, as well as trustworthy and having integrity. I have had experiences in which potential opportunities arise, but I cannot easily determine the honesty and integrity of the […]

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