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Considerations in Maximizing Asset Value

We all should want to maximize the value of our assets. By asset, I mean anything you own that earns you a return, which could be a business, property, website, etc.  It is important to continually analyze your assets to look for opportunities to earn better returns.  Further, analyzing competing assets to see where you can […]

Wednesday Dump: Links from the Web


Wednesday Dump: Links from the Web

Week of 2/19/2015-2/26/2015

Motivation: Employees vs. Sales people vs. Owners

There are three classes of workers. Employees Sales people Owners I want to focus on the core differentiating factors that clearly affect people’s actions and shape the way they work. We are all motivated by growth. Employees An employee’s growth is linked generally to how people view them internally, i.e. a direct manager that has […]

Wednesday Dump: Links from the Web

Week of 2/11/2015-2/18/2015

Wednesday Dump: Links from the Web

Week of 2/4/2015-2/11/2015

Having your Value Proposition Align with your Personal Values

I have dabbled in a number of businesses over the last few years.  My initial interest in many businesses is a strong and competitive value proposition as well as an elegant business model. I have learned over time that I can only stand behind and sell a business that aligns completely with my core values.  […]

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Week of 1/28/2015-2/4/2015

Be Mindful of Who you are Selling to and Their Motivation

As a sales person, it is easy to get into the mindset that if you demonstrate that your solution is better in a straightforward, concise and analytical/logical manner, you will get the sale.  In reality this is often not the case. Humans are funny creatures.  We all have different motivations and are influenced by different […]