The Right Mentality in Sales

I have always struggled with sales, selling is hard.  When selling you may feel like you are asking for a handout. It is easy to fall into this mentality, however this is wrong. You have to remember and know that you are trying to help your client and that doing business with you is in […]

Uncelebrated Successes

People are often looking for that great success, the large sale, the big product launch, the press release met with massive publicity. This should not be your focus.  Big successes, if they come are great, but the focus needs to be on small, uncelebrated successes and improvements every single day. It is easy to lose […]

What Private Lenders Want to See

Private lenders are all different.  Banks in comparison tend to conform to more ubiquitous lending criteria. When you are dealing with private moneylenders it more often depends on what kind of businesses or technology they are interested in/understand, what kind of returns they want and how much downside protection plus upside participation they require. The […]

EMV: How are you affected?

The U.S. is moving to new chip cards based on a global standard called EMV (already in use in 2.37 billion payment cards worldwide) to enhance in-person payment security for consumers, merchants and issuers.  The current security standard on payment cards in the U.S. is the magnetic stripe.  This is being phased out and will […]

Becoming Comfortable with Disorder

I have found that in a world of constantly changing technology we must all become comfortable with a certain level of entropy. We strive for order in the things we do.  It is our nature to create and refine systems in our everyday life.  This allows us to prioritize our finite mental energy for other […]

Too Many Meetings? Increase your productivity!

I realized today that I have too many damn meetings.  Whether these are conference calls, phone conversations, or in-person it does not matter.  Talking about your business does not mean you are working on or in your business.  In fact, if you are talking it is assured you are not working. I understand issues need […]

Square, Nothing More Than a Loss Leader?

Square has been losing money hand over fist despite huge growth.  This article reports that growth in revenue only results in increasing losses, not increasing bottom line profits. It is also reported in this NBC Bay Area piece that Square may not be profitable until mid-2015, stating that the company’s spending is exceeding its $300 million/year […]

Maintaining an Uncompromising Vision: Why We Should All Try To Be More Like Steve Jobs

I think often about the roles a company leader needs to fill.  What did the great leaders of business bring to the table that differentiated them from others?  People like Ford, Walton, Welch, Buffett, Jobs, and others.  I believe these men had a vision, strategy and value set which they imprinted on their organizations.  They […]

Disintermediation and the Future of your Industry

Disintermediation is a long fancy word that means essentially cutting out the middleman (intermediaries).  Granted, the phrase “cutting out the middleman” has become a bit of a cliché and anyone who claims that their business does this should be looked at with skepticism.  That being said we are in an age where there is huge […]

Value and Vision: Why I Prefer Working With Small Businesses

I have a decent amount of experience dealing with large and small businesses, both as a consumer and small business owner or decision maker in a small company.  It isthrough these experiences that I have developed a preference for dealing with other small companies.  I would define “small” as companies with a local focus and […]