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Partnering with the Right People

One of the most difficult aspects of business is finding good partners for your business.  One of the struggles is finding people who are smart, ambitious, and hardworking, as well as trustworthy and having integrity. I have had experiences in which potential opportunities arise, but I cannot easily determine the honesty and integrity of the […]

Wednesday Dump: Links from the Web


REB 015: Ben and Brandon

Ben Piper is the editor and technical side of the Real Everyday Business blog and podcast.  Ben and Brandon are also business partners in the ATM and merchant services industries.  This episode is a little different from a typical REB show.  In this show Ben and Brandon explain some of their business and discuss what […]

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Considerations in Maximizing Asset Value

We all should want to maximize the value of our assets. By asset, I mean anything you own that earns you a return, which could be a business, property, website, etc.  It is important to continually analyze your assets to look for opportunities to earn better returns.  Further, analyzing competing assets to see where you can […]

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REB 014: Showtime with Paul Vivari

Paul Vivari is the owner and proprietor of Showtime, a dive bar located in Washington, DC.  Paul was our first client for Merchant ATM Solutions.  Paul bartended, worked as a door man at bars, and DJed (under the moniker Soul Call Paul) in DC for nearly a decade and in 2013 opened Showtime.  Showtime boasts […]

Wednesday Dump: Links from the Web

Week of 2/19/2015-2/26/2015

Motivation: Employees vs. Sales people vs. Owners

There are three classes of workers. Employees Sales people Owners I want to focus on the core differentiating factors that clearly affect people’s actions and shape the way they work. We are all motivated by growth. Employees An employee’s growth is linked generally to how people view them internally, i.e. a direct manager that has […]