Competitive Industries and Opportunity: A Case Study

In learning about different industries people often say, “Our industry is highly competitive”.  For me, competitive does not mean barriers to entry or having lots of incumbents.  The number does not matter and barriers to entry actually make it less competitive.  Competitive means the people operating in the industry are really good, which follows that […]

Businesses are People

It is very easy to lose sight of reality when you are talking about dealing with large companies or government agencies.  These entities are just people and the culture that these people perpetuate. I was listening to the Value Investing Podcast and one of their recent interviews was with Geoff Gannon.  He made a great point […]

REB 006: Art, Selling, and Business with Andrew Schlaffer

This is our second episode with Andrew.  Andrew sells insurance, but he started out in a very different field: art and graphic design.  In this episode he goes through his decision to move from art to sales. In this episode Brandon and Andrew discuss: Choosing between what you love and what your good at Being […]

The Right Mentality in Sales

I have always struggled with sales, selling is hard.  When selling you may feel like you are asking for a handout. It is easy to fall into this mentality, however this is wrong. You have to remember and know that you are trying to help your client and that doing business with you is in […]

REB 005: Landscaping and Dumpsters with Chad Stern

Chad Stern is the owner of Mowing & More and Dumpsters & More, two Maryland based companies that specialize in lawn care and dumpster rental.  Chad started out mowing lawns in high school and turned that into a full blown company that he ended up pursuing well after high school. He is also a licensed […]

Uncelebrated Successes

People are often looking for that great success, the large sale, the big product launch, the press release met with massive publicity. This should not be your focus.  Big successes, if they come are great, but the focus needs to be on small, uncelebrated successes and improvements every single day. It is easy to lose […]

REB 004: Evan Wood on eCommerce and Nootropics

Evan Wood specializes in nootropics, one specifically called Dihydromyricetin (DHM) which reduces the symptoms of hangovers.  Evan and his brother work full time selling DHM on their eCommerce site DHM Depot and Amazon.  They are starting to expand more into brick and mortar retail and other nootropics to bring to market. In this episode Evan […]

What Private Lenders Want to See

Private lenders are all different.  Banks in comparison tend to conform to more ubiquitous lending criteria. When you are dealing with private moneylenders it more often depends on what kind of businesses or technology they are interested in/understand, what kind of returns they want and how much downside protection plus upside participation they require. The […]

REB 003: Running an eBay Business with James Vilgos

James runs a successful eBay business.  He buys and sells different forms of media (movies, TV shows, video games).  You can see his seller profile here:, where he has 100% positive feedback. Brandon and Jimmy discuss: The market for physical media in an increasingly digital world Benefits of loving the products you are selling […]

EMV: How are you affected?

The U.S. is moving to new chip cards based on a global standard called EMV (already in use in 2.37 billion payment cards worldwide) to enhance in-person payment security for consumers, merchants and issuers.  The current security standard on payment cards in the U.S. is the magnetic stripe.  This is being phased out and will […]