REB 004: Evan Wood on eCommerce and Nootropics


Evan Wood specializes in nootropics, one specifically called Dihydromyricetin (DHM) which reduces the symptoms of hangovers.  Evan and his brother work full time selling DHM on their eCommerce site DHM Depot and Amazon.  They are starting to expand more into brick and mortar retail and other nootropics to bring to market.

In this episode Evan and Brandon discuss:

  • Running an eCommerce Business
  • What are nootropics?
  • Sourcing products in the U.S. vs. China
  • Affiliate sites and other marketing angles for SEO
  • Bootstrapping an internet business
  • Strategies for obtaining market share and positioning for competition
  • Strategies for pushing your product into brick and mortar retail locations
  • Building effective Amazon listings
  • Getting approved for Amazon Prime
  • Expanding in the nootropic realm and choosing your next product
  • Working with partners and siblings
  • Struggles in self-motivation and dealing with “Analysis Paralysis”
  • Creating businesses that give you the freedom to travel

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