REB 007: Tim Justice

Tim Justice

Tim has been running Central Services/Central Home, a heating and air conditioning company out of Virginia for 25 years.  He has very strong philosophies on leadership, hiring, marketing, innovation, and business models.

In this episode Brandon and Tim discuss:

  • How Tim got into the heating and air conditioning industry
  • Running a business with both a commercial and residential side
  • Making the decision to leave your day job and start your own company
  • The struggles that come with growing a business in a difficult economy
  • Becoming an innovator in your industry
  • Creating systems within your business
  • Digitizing your paper records for record retention
  • How to best train your employees
  • Analyzing the competitive environment of the HVAC industry
  • Quality control in your industry
  • Customer acquisition cost and other barriers to entry
  • Building up a referral network
  • Acquiring other companies. Choosing quality over a bargain.
  • Dealing with other companies poaching trained employees
  • Creating culture in your organization
  • The importance of leadership in an organization
  • Hiring the right people
  • Increasing throughput of your employees

Links and Resources from this Episode (contains some affiliate links):

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