REB 012: Johann Moonesinghe and Equity Eats

JohannJohann Moonesinghe is the CEO of EquityEats, a crowdfunding platform for restaurants.  Johann and his partners opened EquityEats in 2014.  They currently have four investments on the site and will be opening a pop-up space to showcase chefs and restaurants in Washington D.C.  The founders believe the food and beverage service industry is perfectly positioned for crowdfunding and they are doing a lot of exciting things.

In this episode Brandon and Johann discuss:

  • The difference between investing in a typical business vs. investing in a restaurant
  • Mitigating the risk of restaurant failure
  • EquityEats funding model vs. a bank loan
  • How EquityEats works and helps businesses
  • Reasons restaurants fail
  • How to vet potential investments
  • Finding investors
  • The effort that goes into doing a pop-up
  • The effort that goes into opening a restaurant
  • The food scene in D.C.
  • Advise to potential startups

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