REB 013: Bare Bites with Allison Levitt

Allison LevittAllison Levitt is the founder of Bare Bites, a pet product company out of Frederick, Maryland.  Bare Bites produces all natural treats for dogs, cats, and horses.  Allison previously owned a retail pet store which she sold so she could focus on Bare Bites.

In this episode Brandon and Allison discuss:

  • Creating natural products for pets
  • Iteration in developing products
  • Owning and running a retail store
  • Distributor-Retailer relationships
  • How dehydrated liver treats are made
  • Motivating yourself as an entrepreneur
  • Running a grassroots marketing campaign
  • The importance of maintaining relationships
  • Using the USPS over UPS
  • The importance of working with people you like and trust
  • Scaling your business

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