REB 014: Showtime with Paul Vivari

PaulPaul Vivari is the owner and proprietor of Showtime, a dive bar located in Washington, DC.  Paul was our first client for Merchant ATM Solutions.  Paul bartended, worked as a door man at bars, and DJed (under the moniker Soul Call Paul) in DC for nearly a decade and in 2013 opened Showtime.  Showtime boasts some of the lowest costs on beer and shots in DC (an area where you can regularly be swindled on alcoholic beverages).  In the past year Showtime has started doing more live music shows and DJ nights and is a really happening spot. We recommend checking it out.  It’s cash only, but that okay.  They’ve got an ATM.

In this episode Brandon and Paul (Ben was there too) discuss:

  • How Showtime came into existence
  • How to properly eat pickled eggs
  • Where/what Bloomingdale DC actually is
  • The cost of drinks in DC
  • The cost of starting a dive bar
  • Learning your business on the go
  • How nobody likes Adams Morgan
  • Dealing with the different governing bodies when opening a bar
  • Making money for yourself (as an owner) over making money for someone else
  • Difficulties in running a bar

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