REB 002: The Process of Selling

Andrew Schlaffer

Andrew Schlaffer is an insurance salesman (and REB contributor) for Brown & Brown Insurance.  He’s been working in the insurance industry for about 5 years now.  In this episode, Brandon and Andrew discuss sales and the sales process through a recent anecdote from Andrew.

Topics from this episode include:

  • Different Dynamics that come into play when selling your product/service
  • Selling to people who don’t understand your product
  • Andrew educates us on insurance:
    • Importance of transparency in the Insurance Process
    • Coverage is found in your Policy not verbal promises
    • What a Commercial Umbrella should cover
  • Considerations for business owners when buying & maintaining insurance programs
  • Selling to an employee (CFO) vs. an owner
  • The importance of trust in a business relationships
  • The importance of implementing solutions with a sense of urgency

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