REB 017: Chocolate Making and Food Incubators with Adam Kavalier

Adam KavalierAdam Kavalier is a chocolate maker (not to be confused with a chocolatier) and the owner of DC-based Undone Chocolate.  Undone is located and operates out of DC food incubator Union Kitchen, which works with numerous food startups in the DC area.  The REB Team (Ben and Brandon) were lucky enough to get a tour of the chocolate making facilities from Adam.  Did you know that making chocolate is really scientific and interesting? It is. Undone chocolate is a “Bean to Bar” chocolate company, which means Adam and his team go through each step in the process of purchasing, roasting, winnowing, and grinding the beans as well as  aging, tempering, molding, and wrapping their chocolate before it reaches store shelves. Undone chocolate can be found in many farmers markets and stores in the DC metro area.  We got to try some of Adam’s chocolate and we definitely recommend it!

In this episode Brandon and Adam discuss:

  • How organic chocolate is made
  • The chemistry of chocolate and chocolate making
  • The collaborative nature of small craft/artisanal industries
  • The benefits of being part of an incubator to a small startup
  • You can make tea with the shells of cacao bean shells
  • Moving from academia into business
  • The hustle needed to push an artisanal food product
  • Making your own equipment when bootstrapping a business

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